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The Skyranger 

The Skyranger, designed in the early 90’s by Phillip Prevot  in conjunction with ENSICA, the famous aeronautical university in Toulouse, home of Airbus.

The design brief was to produce a high performance fixed wing aircraft of conventional layout which would conform to the Microlight category definition, with a comfortable interior, using the simplest possible construction, in order to create an aircraft that’s affordable, while at the same allowing amateur construction, combined with ongoing ease of maintenance. The prototype was built by BestOff in France.

Today, 50% of  the parts are manufactured by AEROS, a highly respectable company, well known for its flexwing Microlights. The remaining parts are manufactured in-house in Germany. The design is based on aircraft grade straight aluminium tubes, bolted together, without any welding being required.  

The incredibly successful design combines simple construction, low maintenance and excellent performance. With the Skyranger SW we have strived to improve the original design to a standard demanded by the German market. The success of the Skyranger can be seen the world over, from Europe to countries as far spread as South Africa and Australia. Apart from the many awards at European championships, pilots flying the Skyranger have also garnered the coveted FAI World Championship Award on several occasions. To date more than 1400 Skyrangers have been manufactured and are flying world wide.